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Microbe&Lab and Stemz Healthcare form a pivotal alliance,
elevating healthcare accesibility and reinforcing bilateral relations

As part of the prestigious Trade Mission to India, spearheaded by the Netherlands Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, two pioneering healthcare organizations, Microbe&Lab and Stemz Healthcare, have solidified key partnerships with a diverse group of companies in an event held on 11 September 2023 in Bengaluru, India. The mission’s overarching objective is to fortify the economic relations between the Netherlands and India, with a special focus on the pivotal field of Medical Technology.

This strategic collaboration between Microbe&Lab and Stemz Healthcare represents a significant milestone in advancing healthcare accessibility and quality in both nations. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, the two organizations aim to facilitate easier access to diagnostics for the prevention and early-stage management of health conditions in clinics, communities, and households.

Dr. Raman Sodhi, MD and C.E.O of Stemz Healthcare, and Mrs. Inge Terpstra, C.E.O of Microbe&Lab, formalized their partnership during the Trade Mission in the presence of
Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Ambassador Marisa Gerards and Consul General Ewout de Wit

The agreement encompasses the establishment of a state-of-the-art production facility for medical devices and diagnostic assays in India. Additionally, Stemz Healthcare will expand its diagnostic services by integrating with Microbe&Lab’s cutting-edge laboratories in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Together, this dynamic partnership will offer an indispensable portfolio of diagnostic services, poised to drive improved healthcare outcomes and enhance the well-being of individuals across the globe.

About Microbe&Lab

Microbe&Lab is a leading organization at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Their expertise is molecular and genetic markers, executing full spectrum from design to commercialisation of assays. They also deliver diagnostic services and monitoring of various health issues. Microbe&Lab is known for its commitment to making diagnostics accessible for prevention and improving healthcare outcomes. Through cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art laboratory and strategic partnerships, Microbe&Lab plays a pivotal role in developing solutions that enhance healthcare accessibility and quality. Their mission is to empower healthcare professionals and individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to address health challenges effectively, ultimately contributing to healthier communities and improved well-being on a global scale.

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About Stemz Healthcare

Stemz Healthcare is a rapidly growing healthcare and diagnostic company with a global presence. Committed to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality, Stemz Healthcare specializes in providing cutting-edge diagnostic services and medical solutions. With a focus on innovation and technology, the company is dedicated to improving early disease detection, prevention, and overall healthcare outcomes for individuals and communities worldwide. Stemz Healthcare’s strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art facilities position it as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of modern healthcare.

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