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Microbe&Lab makes an important contribution to improving people’s health and their quality of life. We combine science-based innovation, diagnostics, technology and healthcare models to provide accessible and easy self-care for everyone. For this we develop and analyse home use and professional diagnostic tests and services which give insight into personal health and wellbeing.

Solutions for health & wellbeing

We offer a portfolio of health and wellbeing solutions, such as high-quality diagnostic assays, contract research services for diagnostic assay evaluation and registration and diagnostic platforms as a service.

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Successful partnerships

Microbe&Lab serves and partners with healthcare-related companies, institutions and laboratories engaged in the detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of health issues. They come to us to co-develop, validate and market new health and wellbeing solutions for consumers and professionals.

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Partner with us

Please reach out to us when you’re looking for a strategic partner in digital health, point-of-care diagnostics, rapid diagnostic tests and diagnostic co-development. We are very open to explore new collaborations.

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Microbe&Lab BV
Rosalyn building / Floor 0B (Laboratory) -1B (Office)
Paalbergweg 2-4
1105 AG Amsterdam

Microbe&Lab is ISO9001 certified.
All our products are IVD compliant and CE marked.