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accessible and easy self-care

We offer a wide range of scientific and reliable health and wellbeing solutions. Ranging from STD diagnostic assays, to diagnostic assay evaluation and branded consumer hometest platforms. You can find a selection of our innovative products, services and brands below.

Global health trend

Due to digitization, globalization and individualization people have become more self-aware, idiosyncratic and independent. Along with this personal health and our attitude towards self-care have become more important to us than ever. We want to be certain we are and stay healthy. Which drives the desire to gain insight in and manage our own health.

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Our purpose

Microbe & Lab makes an important contribution to improving people’s health and their quality of life. We believe that every individual should be able to gain insight into and control over their own health. Many organizations depend on us as a reliable partner for new innovative development of rapid and qualitative diagnostics. We combine science-based innovation, diagnostics, technology and healthcare models to provide accessible and easy self-care for everyone.

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What we do

For this we develop, certify, produce and market innovative IVD-marked diagnostic tests and services, which give people insights into their health and wellbeing. Both for home use and professional applications.

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Dedicated brands

Our branded consumer platforms such as Coronalab and Suresy bring science-based health and wellbeing solutions to millions of homes. Our dedicated brands are ‘powered by Microbe&Lab’ which means they are subject to rigorous scientific validation before market entrance.

A Box Of A HPV Test By The Brand Suresy

Meet the leadership team

Microbe&Lab is growing rapidly and is looking for talented professionals in the fields of: operations, business development, sales and (online) marketing, UX design, regulatory and finance. You will find current openings on our career page.

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Janet Bastian

Staande foto van Marieke Bos (Operations Manager Coronalab) op een grijs doek.

Marieke Bos

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June van der Werf

Staande foto van Saida Aissaoui (HR) op een grijs doek.

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Staande foto van Koen Hilbrink MSc (Head of Sales) op een grijs doek.

Koen Hilbrink MSc

Staande foto van Patrick de Boer MSc (CEO) op een grijs doek.

Patrick de Boer MSc

Microbe&Lab is growing rapidly and is looking for talented professionals in the fields of: operations, business development, sales and (online) marketing, UX design, regulatory and finance. You will find current openings on our career page.

Successful partnerships

As a science-based company, Microbe&Lab serves and partners with healthcare-related companies engaged in the detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of health issues. Such as institutions, universities, hospitals, knowledge centers and laboratories. They come to us to co-develop, validate and market new health and wellbeing solutions for consumers and professionals. We are actively looking for partnerships such as the cases below.

PerkinElmer case

We are the innovation hub for PerkinElmer diagnostics tests and equipment. We support PerkinElmer with test evaluations and have access to state-of-the-art equipment for a range of diagnostic capabilities. More information >

logo PerkinElmer

Inbiome case

IS-pro™ is a bacterial profiling technique which detects bacterial DNA. IS-pro™ can identify bacteria by amplifying small fragments of the bacterial DNA and focusing on specific variations in the length of these fragments, which are specific for that species. We us IS-Pro™ technology for our Digestive Wellness and Female productive health product portfolio. More information >

logo inBiome

Artpred case

M&L has a partnership with medtech company Artpred to co-develop a predictive test for assessing the current suitability of an individual woman’s embryo implantation acceptation, prior to starting an IVF treatment – with or without ICSI – based on vaginal microbiome measurements. More information >

logo ARTPred

Aidian case

Aidian is a leading IVD company and offers customers and partners the best solutions and service. Aidian is our distribution partner for our gluten intolerance test by excluding genetic predisposition.

logo Aidian

Goffin Molecular Technologies case

Goffin Molecular Technologies is a company in the field of molecular diagnostics. We partner with GMT for the distribution for our STD molecular diagnostics.

logo GoffinMT

MUMC+ case

We collaborate with MUMC+ for medical microbiological research, co-development and clinical evaluation for infectious diseases.

Mumc logo

Quality & Security

Microbe&Lab has been dedicated over 15 years to providing high-quality diagnostics solutions and research services. We are ISO 9001 certified and in the process of attaining ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security that applies to every level of our organization such as security, software development, business continuity, human resources security, and more. Our diagnostics assays are all IVD certified.

Microbe&Lab, and its brands Coronalab and Suresy, process medical information to provide diagnostic services. All data is handled according to the highest possible standards and we fully adhere to the GDPR regulation and comply with the privacy legislation.

Find us here

Amsterdam is a well-known biotech hub and we are in the middle of its life sciences hotspot. Microbe&Lab is located
on the IQuarters Campus in the Rosalyn building.

Microbe&Lab BV
Rosalyn building / Floor 0B (Laboratory) -1B (Office)
Paalbergweg 2-4
1105 AG Amsterdam

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Partner with us

Please reach out to us when you’re looking for a strategic partner in digital health, point-of-care diagnostics, rapid diagnostic tests and diagnostic co-development. We are very open to explore new collaborations.

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Microbe&Lab BV
Rosalyn building / Floor 0B (Laboratory) -1B (Office)
Paalbergweg 2-4
1105 AG Amsterdam

Microbe&Lab is ISO9001 certified.
All our products are IVD compliant and CE marked.