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At Microbe&Lab, we are on a mission to develop innovative, accessible and easy-to-use diagnostic and digital health solutions for everyone. We believe that every individual should be able to gain insight into and control over their own health and wellbeing. Do you feel the same and would you like with new diagnostic and digital health technologies? Come join us on our challenging journey!

We have a young and dynamic team of almost 80 people and are looking for talented professionals in the fields of operations, business development, sales, (online) marketing, UX design, regulatory and finance. This is applicable to Microbe&Lab and its brands Coronalab and Suresy.

We can offer personal growth, a socially responsible work environment and inclusive learning organisation. On top of this you will receive excellent benefits and work in our brand-new office in hot-and-happening Amsterdam.


Business Developer Suresy (health and e-commerce platform)

You will develop and execute the Business Development and Ecommerce Strategy for our Business-to-Business customers. You will be driving the growth of the total Suresy community, drive continuous engagement and Customer Lifetime Value and grow the business by double digits. This role is challenging, exciting, and rewarding. The ideal candidate will have a curiosity and passion for Health, Life Science and Digital Health. (Referral)
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Partner with us

Please reach out to us when you’re looking for a strategic partner in digital health, point-of-care diagnostics, rapid diagnostic tests and diagnostic co-development. We are very open to explore new collaborations.

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Microbe&Lab BV
Rosalyn building / Floor 0B (Laboratory) -1B (Office)
Paalbergweg 2-4
1105 AG Amsterdam

Microbe&Lab is ISO9001 certified.
All our products are IVD compliant and CE marked.